Liberated Learning:

Campus Without Walls
a System transformation focused on liberation and anti-racism


Campus Without Walls (CWW) is a framework that leverages the power of public schools and technology to promote greater equity, access, opportunity, and liberation for all students. Through a statewide cross-sector collaboration of schools, universities, employers, nonprofits and out-of-school-time providers, CWW will deliver a 21st Century education that is meaningful, student-centered, relevant and rigorous using a blended, digitally mediated approach (both virtual and in person). The goal is for all students to be intrinsically motivated, gain greater access, and take full advantage of a wide range of learning opportunities that prepare them to thrive in a rapidly changing digital world during COVID and beyond.

How it Works

Open Opportunity – Massachusetts (OOMA) is leading this Campus Without Walls initiative in partnership with the Boston Public Schools, BUILD, Boston Opportunity Agenda, and The Teachers' Lounge. Through our initial pilot, we plan to serve up to 2,000 students in grades 8-12. The initiative aims to launch in Boston starting January 2021, and then will be replicated in other Gateway Cities in Massachusetts (i.e. Lawrence) before expanding statewide. 

Through Campus Without Walls, students will have access to talented Lead Teachers across the city, skilled at providing student-centered digital learning experiences as well as a culturally responsive, anti-racist decolonized curriculum. In addition, students will be able to access a wide menu of classes offered through that tap into their interests and passions. High student engagement is at the center of this initiative.

Campus Without Walls welcomes public, charter, parochial, and private schools to join in this effort. So far, participating schools include: Jeremiah Burke High School, Excel High School, Fenway High School, Charlestown High School, and Another Course to College (ACC).


To inform Campus Without Walls, Open Opportunity – Massachusetts (OOMA) has hosted two sets of design sprints.  The first were with school administrators, Boston Teachers Union representatives, community educators and advocates. The second included over 100 students representing 22 Boston Public Schools in partnership with the Boston Private Industry Council (PIC) and Boston Student Advisory Council. Parents have been convened through partnership with the Boston School Finder and teachers in partnership with the Boston Teachers Union. Formal conversations with school leaders started in mid August. Campus Without Walls will continue to engage with community stakeholders to ensure programming is both accessible and responsive. 

In the midst of COVID-19, Campus Without Walls is both a resource and a professional learning community bringing together Lead Teachers to develop high quality, culturally responsive virtual content, and helping Facilitating Teachers focus more on individualized and small group support as well as relationship building and social-emotional wellness for their own students and families. 


Campus without walls seeks to drive the following systemic changes in our public education system:

Elevate the teaching profession

Move towards a  competency based assessment system

Promote schools as community hubs

Enable students to access high quality learning experiences beyond their assigned school for credit

Support teachers as facilitators of learning

Help families, students, and teachers gain visibility to high quality teaching and learning

Create a diverse teacher pipeline

Advocate for broadband for all, as a basic right for low income families

Apply to become a campus without walls teacher

We are looking for Lead Teachers of grades 8 - 12 across all content areas. Campus Without Walls is contracting with The Teachers Lounge to lead our teacher recruitment, screening and selection process. Our goal is to have at least 10-15 Lead Teachers secured when we launch in late January. 

Facilitating Teachers audit the Lead Teacher's lesson and build on it to engage, support and grade their students in live, small group learning with project based activities.

Lead Teachers open their classrooms to Facilitating Teachers and their students through an online learning platform to deliver core content via live synchronous or asynchronous instruction.

Teachers will receive a $5,000 stipend to teach your current course(s). 

For questions about teacher recruitment, screening and selection contact The Teachers Lounge: THETEACHERSLOUNGEMA@GMAIL.COM

Lead partners

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network partners

  • Boston After School & Beyond

  • Boston Compact

  • Boston Private Industry Council (PIC)

  • Boston Debate League

  • Boston HERC

  • Center for Black, Brown & Queer Studies

  • Citizen School

  • Education Redesign Lab, Harvard Graduate School of Education

  • Educators for Excellence

  • Global Glimpse

  • Latinos for Education

  • Northeastern University 

  • PBLWorks

  • Station 1

  • Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy

  • Sociedad Latina

  • Suffolk University

  • Teach Plus

  • Timothy Smith Network
  • United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley


What is the profile of a facilitating teacher?

  • Any teacher looking for engaging, project based, interactive, culturally responsive lessons should be able to find something great to pull into their plans for the year. 

  • These courses will include core classes taught by Lead Teachers, as well as classes taught by our 13 community partners. Plus teachers will have access to CWW Courses will range in length from 1 session to 4-6 weeks.

  • As a participating school, all of your teachers will get a full menu with course descriptions. For this Pilot Year (March through June), you might just have 1 Lead Teacher, and maybe 2-3 Facilitating Teachers. That's still a win for proof of concept. We can then build on that for next year. 


How can school leaders support an equitable recruitment process in their schools?

  • You can extend an invitation for all of your teachers to apply.

  • As a part of our vetting process, school leaders will need to provide their approval of any Lead Teacher. We will then notify you if/when an application is submitted from your school. 

Generally speaking, what is the selection methodology that you will be using for teachers/courses?

  • The Teachers' Lounge has created a very detailed and thorough scoring rubric, and they have put together a Selection Committee comprised of other school leaders in Boston. 

We are worried that our teachers will not have the capacity to take this on.

  • Actually being a Facilitating Teacher takes the lesson planning off of your plate! So for teachers who are not great at teaching online (and for newer teachers) it actually makes their work load lighter, not harder.

The materials say that students can get credit. Does this mean more grading/work for our teachers?

  • The Facilitating Teacher is responsible for grading his/her/their own students. So if a Boston Collegiate teacher signs up for a Masterclass taught by a Fenway High teacher, the Boston Collegiate teacher is still the one responsible for giving the grade. In the same way, a Lead Teacher at Boston Collegiate is ONLY responsible for grading his/her own students.


We are not comfortable (yet) giving our students credit for classes at other schools. Does our school retain some control over how courses are credit-bearing?

  • It would take at least another 2 years (i.e. FY23)  before an individual student is taking a course on a different campus and earning credit with no facilitating teacher directly involved. There's a complexity there that none of us are ready for yet. (Think - Boston Collegiate student in Dorchester taking a history class at Milton Academy or Boston Latin.)

What are the deadlines to apply?

  • It's a rolling admission process.

  • We hope to have all Lead Teachers identified by the first week in February.

  • We host weekly info sessions on Thursdays at 4:30 pm, so any teachers who are curious can attend where we can answer all of their questions and concerns.

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